Monday, June 1, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hey everyone! 
 This week has been slower, We had to drop most of our investigators unfortunately. But Luke is doing really well! One comment he made in a recent lesson was how the more he reads the Book of Mormon the smarter he feels. I can fully agree with Luke, The Book of Mormon is a powerful book! Last week after having finished the Le Livre de Mormon  I truly saw the power that I felt from reading it. When I first started I understood a word here or a word there but as I read it was miraculous to me to see my comprehension of what I was reading grow. I know that the Book of Mormon is from God and that through reading it we can truly grow closer to God and that truly through the power of the Holy Ghost we can know for ourselves the truthfulness of the book.

Matching Sunglasses! Went on exchanges with Sister Gammon in Kirkland!

Wednesday while walking to a members house we stumbled upon this very picturesque church.

Hit Half way point this week! Crazy! We all celebrated our 9 months by going out to eat together at this cute little French Bakery called Premiere Moisson!
Sister Rawlings!

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