Monday, August 31, 2015

Hey Everyone!
      So this week French has really stretched me! I know they say that every missionary has challenges and for me French has to be my biggest one! It can be at times so challenging to understand and than to express experiences and feelings, but during personal study one day I was reading about Grace and how it is defined as the"divine help and strength we receive through the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ"(True to the faith-grace). As I was pondering that, it made me think how much we need the Grace that the Savior can provide. I than came across Ether 12:27, " And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my GRACE is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, than I will make weak things become strong."

 We all have weakness- for me,right now one of them is French. It continues to humble me at least once daily (if not more- lol), but if we turn to the Savior than he, through his grace will give us the divine help and strength that we need to do our work. Which I can testify is real. This is the Lord's work and he will direct us, his grace is for each of us if we will just humble ourselves and let it into our lives
Love you all! 
Soeur Rawlings

A member let us pick pears from their fruit trees.

Trio of blue tongues.
 Well it's official-we're a trio! Its been great, on Wednesday we picked up Sister Cummings who is from New Jersey. She has been out on her mission six weeks more than me. Its been really fun and uplifting being in a trio. It's great because we have so many more ideas with three of us.  We have been really trying to work with members to find new investigators. Last week we taught a woman who we found through a recent convert. She has been studying religions for about 7 years and trying to find a religion that fits her but with little success. She said that when she studied with others that it seemed like they were trying to convince her and she always felt that they were missing something! We taught her the restoration last night and the spirit was very strong and there was a beautiful moment when we shared Moroni 10:4-5 and told her that she can find out for herself if this is true.  She told us that this is what she has been searching for! It was a very tender moment for all three of us and she understood and accepted what we all hold so dear to our hearts. It was a testimony, once again of the importance of missionary work and how people are truly hungering for the truth not knowing where to find it. And without her member friend she would still be searching.  I am so thankful for the Restoration and for the knowledge that we can each receive personal revelation. I ask you too discover or to re-discover the promise in Moroni and to ask God about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. 
 Sending you my love from Montreal!

 This is my new companion! Sister Cummings

Monday, August 17, 2015

Crazy, busy week! We had transfer calls and they went a little like this...
 Elders: Sister Mildrum your staying in Laval and Sister Rawlings your staying in Laval.
 Us: Okay, thanks elders.
 Elders: Oh sisters that's not all...
 Us: What?
 Elders:You will be receiving another companion..
 So yep, I'm going to be in a Trio! With Sister Mildrum and Sister Cummings!
         To be honest,  we really didn't see that coming but we're really excited for what the Lord has planned for us. We have been really trying to find those people who are prepared by the Lord this week, as most of our investigators went missing in the past few weeks. We really have been praying for direction and the Lord truly provided us with some amazing miracles.
Contest-shucking corn!
        This was evident when we  had a lesson with a recent convert and she ended up not being at home but we kept talking to the people who were in her apartment and when we introduced ourselves-one of the ladies in the apartment was like, "come in, come in, I need to talk to you." It was a huge miracle because this woman told us that she has been studying different religions and she recognizes that something is always missing, but that she really wants to learn more about our region. It was a huge miracle that we had been praying for. Just proved to us that this really is the Lord's work and he will put people in our path that are ready.
      We also had a ward activity- Èpluchette ( which in French means Roast), which is a a barbecue but they buy lots and lots of corn. It was really fun and we were able to have a lot of  miracles with investigators, less actives and potentials all there.  
Only in Canada!
They call me the dog whisperer!
      We also had a huge miracle yesterday when one of our Recent Converts walked into Gospel Principles class with three of her daughters and two boyfriends who aren't members. Our amazing ward mission leader went off of his lesson and we talked about the Restoration, specifically Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and were able to give four Book of Mormons out right there:)
      French is still a challenge for me. It can be very difficult not fully understanding people. But it's amazing to see the Lord blessing me with the Gift of Tongues in lessons. It's coming slowly and the the Lord has been really helping me:)
Love ya!  Have a great week!
Soeur Rawlings

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It was a really busy, good week! 
      Last Monday for p-day we were able to got to Chinatown and while we were there this man approached us with his family and he told us that he was from Utah. We asked them what brought them to Montreal and he said that he was installing a mural in the Montreal Temple! We thought that was pretty cool!  I was also able to see Sister Gonzalez, my trainer, a week before she leaves! 
      It's amazing to see that no matter where you go and no matter the differences in people, cultures or places we live that there is one common thing that we share--the gospel and the love that we have for our Saviour. 
     We are all getting very excited for the temple to be dedicated in the coming months and are really trying to help people set their eyes on the temple:).   Many times on the mission people have expressed thoughts of, "I cant go to (church, meeting, activity, temple) because this person is there."  We had one of those to which we replied, "don't let this person keep you from receiving your blessings! Don't let a person be the barrier that keeps you from claiming your blessings/renewing your covenants that lead to Eternal life and can seal your family together forever."
     Personally, I am so thankful for the opportunity to live in a day and age where we have so many temples dotting the world. I challenge you-that if you have someone who is keeping yor from receiving your blessing from attending church or other places that you think about the true meaning of why we go to these places and recognize the true significance of how they help us make and renew our covenants. 
 Love ya! Have a great week!
Soeur Rawlings

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Discipleship...a lifelong pursuit
With my year mark sneaking up behind me this week, I have been reflecting on what I have leaned in these past 12 months. To be honest-there is a lot I have learned. But the one word of what I've learned on my mission is Discipleship. 
Not just for my mission, but for my life.  The Bible dictionary defines it as being a true follower of Christ.   Notice there is no start date, nor expiration. It doesn't start when you put on your missionary badge, nor does it end when you step off the plane. But it is a life long pursuit (if not longer.) But it is all about continuing-each day-becoming better and  drawing a little bit closer to our Savior.    
We had a really good, busy week.  We had some really good lessons, walked A LOT, followed the Spirit after feeling like we should knock on a house and had a good talk with a man who invited us to come back for a lesson this coming week:)  And  are striving to carry forth God's work, the best we can, according to his will here in Laval. 
 Love you all! Have an awesome week!
Soeur Rawlings
In the past, I felt like I had read many articles about missionaries and walking in rain and up to last week had never related. But we were low on Kilometers this week, so we walked a lot. Well, Monday we got caught in a huge rain/thunderstorm  for about 30 minutes..away from home and we were soaked when we got home... here's the aftermath. LOL

We had a mini-mission with Jakie, a girl in our ward who is about to submit her papers!
She's awesome and going to be a great missionary!

Exchanges in Montreal with Sister Hunt! We had some really good lessons, rode the metro and ate some yummy french food:)

Cathedral we saw while waiting for the bus- downtown Montreal.