Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It was a really busy, good week! 
      Last Monday for p-day we were able to got to Chinatown and while we were there this man approached us with his family and he told us that he was from Utah. We asked them what brought them to Montreal and he said that he was installing a mural in the Montreal Temple! We thought that was pretty cool!  I was also able to see Sister Gonzalez, my trainer, a week before she leaves! 
      It's amazing to see that no matter where you go and no matter the differences in people, cultures or places we live that there is one common thing that we share--the gospel and the love that we have for our Saviour. 
     We are all getting very excited for the temple to be dedicated in the coming months and are really trying to help people set their eyes on the temple:).   Many times on the mission people have expressed thoughts of, "I cant go to (church, meeting, activity, temple) because this person is there."  We had one of those to which we replied, "don't let this person keep you from receiving your blessings! Don't let a person be the barrier that keeps you from claiming your blessings/renewing your covenants that lead to Eternal life and can seal your family together forever."
     Personally, I am so thankful for the opportunity to live in a day and age where we have so many temples dotting the world. I challenge you-that if you have someone who is keeping yor from receiving your blessing from attending church or other places that you think about the true meaning of why we go to these places and recognize the true significance of how they help us make and renew our covenants. 
 Love ya! Have a great week!
Soeur Rawlings

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