Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Discipleship...a lifelong pursuit
With my year mark sneaking up behind me this week, I have been reflecting on what I have leaned in these past 12 months. To be honest-there is a lot I have learned. But the one word of what I've learned on my mission is Discipleship. 
Not just for my mission, but for my life.  The Bible dictionary defines it as being a true follower of Christ.   Notice there is no start date, nor expiration. It doesn't start when you put on your missionary badge, nor does it end when you step off the plane. But it is a life long pursuit (if not longer.) But it is all about continuing-each day-becoming better and  drawing a little bit closer to our Savior.    
We had a really good, busy week.  We had some really good lessons, walked A LOT, followed the Spirit after feeling like we should knock on a house and had a good talk with a man who invited us to come back for a lesson this coming week:)  And  are striving to carry forth God's work, the best we can, according to his will here in Laval. 
 Love you all! Have an awesome week!
Soeur Rawlings
In the past, I felt like I had read many articles about missionaries and walking in rain and up to last week had never related. But we were low on Kilometers this week, so we walked a lot. Well, Monday we got caught in a huge rain/thunderstorm  for about 30 minutes..away from home and we were soaked when we got home... here's the aftermath. LOL

We had a mini-mission with Jakie, a girl in our ward who is about to submit her papers!
She's awesome and going to be a great missionary!

Exchanges in Montreal with Sister Hunt! We had some really good lessons, rode the metro and ate some yummy french food:)

Cathedral we saw while waiting for the bus- downtown Montreal.

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