Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June 1, 2015  Book of Mormon and the Spririt

Hello everyone!
It's been a very busy week! 
This week we had some really powerful spiritual lessons. We contacted a family that we had previously been teaching a few months ago but hadn't been able to get a hold of and they invited us over to their house. They explained that they were experiencing a passing of a loved one and that they felt like they really needed to call us.  In the lesson we were able to explain the Plan of Salvation and it was truly amazing to see the comfort that the plan brought to them. We asked if we could come back and explain more and they asked us if we could come back the very next day, which we did. The spirit was very strong. We had prepared a few scriptures that we felt could really help them and so we turned to one of them. While reading  I felt like I needed to turn to Mosiah 16:7-9 and I just put my finger to hold the page, We talked about another scripture and than a few minutes later he asked us a few questions and than an amazing thing happened-I looked at where I had turned to in Mosiah and it was a perfect answer to his questions. We read the scripture and he understood, it was truly a miracle to see how through the Holy Ghost we can be guided on to what people need.  It was truly amazing to see at how the Book of Mormon can answer the questions of our very soul and can give us that peace and reassurance that we oh so need in living in these challenging times. 
We also saw Ash just about everyday and had some powerful lessons with him. One of my favorite things he said last week was when we invited him to pray to truly know about the restoration, and he was like, "Not to be rude, but I've already prayed and I know."
Last lesson with Ash.
 We were like-that's awesome!
 He's been thinking about a specific baptismal date and it is just amazing to see his faith grow. He moved this last week, just outside of our area but he is really working at changing his surroundings to become better. It was sad since we won't be teaching him anymore but I know the Elders will do their best.
Right before a lesson with Sister Billido
Overall it was just a wonderful week, a lot of doors were opened to us that haven't been in the past couple of weeks.
Thank you for your prayers! 
Sister Rawlings
Giant Camp Chair.

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