Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015

     This week was really tough, we were feeling pretty exhausted and it seemed like a lot that could go wrong did. But we really persevered and tried our hardest.  I really felt like the Lord sent me lots of little tender mercies through others. Like when we called a member to see how she was doing and she just seemed to say just the right thing or during exchanges Sister Schmuel relayed some part of a talk with the President to me that just really made me feel re-energized. 
     The family that we've been working with have been pretty nervous to come to church so yesterday we had a church tour and invited a member they know. It went really well, the spirit was present and that really was the key. They felt a lot more at peace and at the end there little boy turned to me and said "Can you and me say a little prayer?" It was so cute as he started, he peeked up to me and said, "what do I say next?" It was so cute as we said a little prayer. Afterwards when they were leaving he told us, "This is a pretty magical place!" which I had to agree with too:D
We also started volunteering at a long term facility place on the island. It was really fun, we got to help them paint by number and  this coming week we are starting to help with their gardening project! They taught us a word or  two in Mohwak including hello which sounds like Seago. But the big miracle that we saw was that we met this man who told us that he was a member! He had been adopted by people in the states and that he had grown up Mormon! Which was huge since we had no idea that he was there! 
Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Rawlings

We made a cake for Elder Udave's birthday.

Blowing dandelion wishes!
Look what I found in the cupboard...way to represent Idaho!

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