Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015
Hey Everyone!

     Had a fabulous P-day this week! A very sweet woman in the ward took us to the Lost villages,  which is where they literately moved people's house- whole villages and re-located them so that they could expand the seaway. It was really interesting. Then we got to see the dam by the area.
    Sorry I didn't write last week, but nevertheless we had some tender mercies these past two weeks.
    One day, two weeks ago, we had just finished praying and were just shooting off a text before we went into a lesson when this man on his scooter rode right past our car and when we looked we recognized this man as someone that I had contacted at the mall a few months ago but wasn't really interesting in us coming over to give him our message. I wanted to go talk to him but he was already driving down the road and I told Sister Lindquist, "If he only turns around I will go talk to him." And in that moment.... he did just that-turned around. And Sister Lindqusit was like, "Go, Go, Go"  I jumped out of the car and we were able to talk to him and see how he was doing and he recognized us and even told us that we could come by and share something with him sometime:) It was just amazing to see him change from the last time we talked to him. 
    Than another miracle happened yesterday. Back in October I had contacted a lady on the street who we made an appointment with but she wasn't home when we had showed up. However it was when we were going to her apartment that we found Charlie. We went over to Charlie's house last night and she was sitting at his table and we invited her to join us for a lesson and she did and said she really enjoyed it. It was than amazing to see Charlie go grab a Book of Mormon and ask her if she had one and than bear testimony of how the Book of Mormon had helped him in his life and how if she read it and prayed about it, it would help her too:-)
     It's just  amazing how months ago we had talked to these people and thinking that nothing had resulted in it and than looking back from today to see that it did make a difference. It's amazing to see how the Lord places people in our path. He's in the details!
Love you all and hope it is a good week!
Sister Rawlings

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