Saturday, May 9, 2015

May 4, 2015

May the 4th be with you!

Hello everyone,  
      While reading the September 2004 Ensign I came across a quote that really hit me by Elder Belcher. He was speaking of Senior Couples, but I think the quote applies to each of us,
" Unless you go, you will never know what you and your talents might do to leave a lasting influence on others."   I like to replace the word go with Serve,  "Unless you serve you will never know what you and your talents might do to leave a lasting influence on others". This can apply to each of us in the various places of our lives. Unless we help and serve others we don't know what experience, people and blessings were missing out on. Who can God touch through us?  We will only know if we reach out and find out.
      This week we had a lot of investigators go M.I.A.  So we were truly trying to talk to everyone to find those who are ready for the gospel. One very sweet experience for both me and sister Linquist was with a friend of our investigator. Our first encounter with him was a short one, he seemed convinced that our message was just too far out of his reach for the things that he had done. He did  accept a  Book of Mormon. A few days later we saw him on the street and we were able to have a good discussion with him.          As we testified of Jesus Christ's Atonement right there on the sidewalk and it's healing effect he sat down on nearby stairs, and than an amazing thing happened. We could see his whole demeanor change. We could see the Spirit testifying to him of the reality of the words we were saying. We could see the change in him from a 15 minutue conversation. It was truly a testimony to me that the simple gospel truths that we know are true. That they truly have an amazing effect.  Than it made me think how often do we take these for granted. How much better can others' lives be if they had what knowledge we have had all our lives? I feel so blessed to be able to share the gospel and be an instrument in the Lord's hands to give them what has blessed mine and so many others life!
Sister Rawlings

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