Saturday, May 9, 2015

         When you think of Canada, one of the first things you are bound to think of is maple syrup....this week I had the opportunity to visit a Maple Syrup farm. 

Sister Lindquist, Sister Merpaw and Me having breakfast at the Maple Syrup Farm

It was really neat! A very sweet sister in our ward took us. In the pictures you will see lots of blue tubing-that is the modern way of collecting maple syrup. It collects from the trees and runs to the main line and collects in their sugar shack.  It was a really cool experience for both for my companion and I.

Maple Syrup
This week we had a really amazing thing happen! 
We were about to get into our car when we spotted a young family outside. We talked to them for a short while and gave them a "Because He Lives" pass along card with our information on the back. We briefly explained the video and encouraged them to watch it. The following day, during companionship study  we received a text saying that they really enjoyed the video.  We stopped by the next day, they let us in to share a message and she proceeded to tell us that she had always had a fear of death and of the uncertainty that it holds, but after watching the video she felt peace, comfort and that that fear of death wasn't as strong.  Their family was really touched by the video and since then we have taught them two lessons, and answering  lots of questions about the church... and are continuing to learn more with us. They are a really sweet family and through the Because He Lives video, she felt the Spirit and was so touched that she said that she just had to tell us what it did for her and for her family and invite us back.  The spirit was strong and was very powerful. 

       I love you all! The church is true and is the surest way to happiness in this life and the life to come! 
Have a great week!
 Sister Rawlings

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