Monday, October 27, 2014


Hello Everybody,

This week has made me think of the parable found in Jacob 5 about the Lord likening the House of Israel to a vineyard. I truly can see that the field is white and ready to harvest! This week nine of our investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized! I've never been so happy in my life. It truly is a miracle to see how the Lord has prepared each family and person that we are teaching.    I feel so  blessed that the Lord is allowing me to be apart of helping people come unto him. I know that the Lord could do it all by himself, but what a loving Father we have that he allows us to help. By doing so  allowing us to grow, learn, develop stronger testimonies, meet amazing people and  be apart of helping our brothers and sisters come closer to him.

 I love Cornwall and the people here. This week we meet again with Charles and while we were waiting for the member to arrive for our lesson we talked to Charles and his neighbor, Shane. We invited Shane to join the lesson which he accepted. While teaching about the Restoration we gave Shane a Book of Mormon and his face lit up. He told us that he had always wanted to learn more but didn't know where to find the answers or who to talk to. It truly made us think of the scripture found in D&C, about how people are kept from the truth because they know not where to find it. I love this gospel so much and know that it can truly bless the lives of each and everyone of us! I love you all and wish you the best for the coming week!
Sister Rawlings
Funny story: We were at a member's house and her grandson (who was about 4) was there showing us what he had been learning about and in his hand he was holding a paper about fire safety... standard stop,drop, and roll instructions. So I asked him a little about it and then asked, "so what happens if you catch on fire"....and in a innocent voice he bluntly said. "You die".

 A service project at Echo Park.
Pancake of my dog Rosie! 

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