Monday, October 6, 2014


      Hello everybody! This week we worked hard. We had some appointments fall though, which was disappointing but nevertheless we had some amazing experiences with people. We had just taught a lesson to a recent convert and on the way back to our car we saw an older man sitting on a bench and we stopped and talked to him for little bit. He first thought we were Jehovah witness and we were like "nope, that's not us," and than he was like "oh, your the people who wear those hats", and we were like "nope were not Jewish", and he was like "your the ones who wear the farmers hats"  and we were like we are not the Amish either.. it was pretty funny. After talking to him for a bit, not only did he accept a Book of Mormon but he scheduled a time with us to come back and talk!
       Later in the week we went to visit a contact that previous missionaries had met. We knocked on the door and it started off.  We weren't thinking it was going to go anywhere, but we bore powerfully testimony that the gospel could bless his life and that we truly believe that. You could see that his heart was softened and he could feel the spirit. It was a powerful experience and we are going later this week to teach him.:)
       On another note, General Conference was this weekend! Being a missionary during general conferences is like having your home team be in the Superbowl. It was great! I took on the challenge of writing down questions that I've had and investigators have had and I received those answers! When they would be talking, I would think, "Oh that's just what this investigator needs to hear or this is perfect for this person. It was great!
On the way home from District meetings we stopped by an old church that had burnt down and it's ruins are still standing.

​This is a sign that is around the community, it's for pet blessings and they allow pets of all faith!

Hope all is well back home with everybody!
Sister Rawlings

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