Monday, October 13, 2014

Hey everyone,
        It's crazy-busy here. I don't have much time because were leaving for Montreal in about ten minutes so I'll try to be detailed, but fast. This week was great we have come in contact with so many people that are ready for the gospel, it's amazing! The other day we were at a dinner appointment and when we left I turned to Sister Gonzalez and told her that I had a strong impression that we needed to go see a former that was on a long list.  So with about 15 minutes before we turned into pumpkins we got to her house and when she answered the door she was so excited, and without us saying much scheduled a time for us to come back. She told us right before we left that we were going to see much more success with her. As we left we felt almost like we had been an answer to a prayer. It was a great feeling.

         Then, just yesterday, we were street contacting when it was about time to go to our next appointment I had this feeling like we should go knock on this apartment. So we walked up the stairs and knocked...and there was no answer. We waited and walked down. We had expected to talk to someone inside but as we walked down the stairs there was a lady that we ended up talking to and getting her information who is looking for a church right now! It was amazing!
          Then going back to my first week here, we had contacted a woman on the bus and she gave us her information and said she would love the Lamb of God video and so we swung by and she was busy but we were able to make another appointment. When we came back no one answered the door and we were feeling a little discouraged but than while I was backing Sister Gonzalez out, she waved us in! So we were able to teach her our lesson-which was amazing! She is so ready for the gospel! She reads the bible everyday and even has given Bibles and Book of Mormons away before! She told us that she goes to Tims (Tim Hortans- a very popular doughnut shop) and talks about God and Christ to people! Amazing right! We are certainty feeling like the field is white and ready to harvest here! We have really felt like the Holy Ghost has led us to some people that really need help and can be blessed so much by the gospel! Can't wait to see what miracles are in store for the coming week! 
Love you all!
Sister Rawlings

                                                          My District

They gave me and Elder Loyd the green part of the cake because we're the "Greenies "
Cake we made for Elder Rangel(our district leader) for his birthday, our creation is a mix between the Mexico and Canada ​flag!

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