Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello my family and friends:)
Last District Meeting
      I received quite a shock this week, we were told on Wednesday that we would be receiving transfer calls that day in preparation for the temple and moving a week early. This is how that call went......(Sister Cumming and I expecting nothing to change) "Sister Cummings you will be staying in Laval..." and we were like "yep"."and you will be receiving Sister blanc (which is her old companion)" So we were really excited for her but than it hit me-wait that means I'm leaving!  "And Sister Rawlings you will be going to Kirkland, and being a sister training leader with Sister Schuruch." 
    Oh how I wish you could see the video Sister Cummings recorded during this calls, my face was complete shock! So I'm  off to! My new companion is from Belgium and I will be in the same district that I was in when I was in Cornwall. Which is a tender mercy because during stake conference in two weeks I will get to see many of those who are in Cornwall:)   
      We also had the chance last night to visit the temple with Vanessa and Evelyne, who are both recent converts. Can I just say, woah! I have missed the temple. 
      The day started off a bit rough, We woke up early- forgetting it was daylight savings. Than we were late to ward council thinking it was next week, even though we woke up   I was feeling a bit stressed with the unexpected packing I needed to finish, the ward members I needed to say goodbye too and the French testimony I was to be giving in a few hours. And we were having scheduling problems with who was coming  for the temple.  Both Sister Cummings and I  were like, "why is all this advisory coming from!" And then we realized that it was because we were going to temple. 
Driving to the temple.
Only in Canada-Canadian Mounty
    It literally is the house of the literal God. Power comes from that house. It is where we can be lifted above the fog and truly remember why were here. It is a source of strength. Even though it isn't dedicated, there is such a special spirit that is felt there. I am overcome with gratitude to be able to serve here in Canada and in the temple!    
 Love you all! 
Soeur Rawlings
We helped decorate-Halloween Maze!
Church Party!

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