Monday, November 9, 2015

Well Hello Everyone!
   What a fabulous week it has been. I've been settling very nicely to Kirkland. It really is a great area filled with so many faithful people.    The week started off with a training for the temple. All I can say is, "whoa!" Elder Richards of the 70s came and spoke to us and took us on a private tour through the temple and than sat all of the sisters in the Instruction Room and taught us- right there in the temple! It was an experience I will never forget!
    This past week we only served for three shifts at the temple but it was so powerful. As soon as you drive into the parking lots, you can feel the difference. While talking to a member in the reception tent we both marveled at how even though the temple isn't dedicated, the Spirit is so strong.
    There is definitely a special Spirit that the temple brings. I have heard and seen  many hearts changed all by the Spirit felt in the temple. Not only do we have the privilege to serve in the reception tent but also in the Video Room before the tour inside the temple. Even though we have seen the video countless times, each time I feel the Spirit and catch the Spirit of the temple so strongly.
   We even have seen people who are not members finish their tour and decide to go through again!
We jumped into a pile of leaves!
   One of my favorite personal stories is teaching a woman who had just visited the temple two days before. She loved it. Her testimony really strengthened me she said, ."People kept telling me go to the temple, go to the temple." Then she got really quiet and than said, "I understand why now. The Spirit really testified to her and she told us that she wanted to be married in the temple! Miracles were prophesied when the temple would be dedicated and we just starting to see a sliver of them!
   The week was pretty busy. We also had the opprogunity to go on splits with the sisters from Chicoutimi, which was a fun expereinces and we are now on splits with Ville Marie sisters:)
   We helped arrange a baptism for a 8 year old after Church and than during sacrament meeting we had a huge miracle-we had a woman walk into chuch who we were able to talk to after sacrament, who is moving to the area and is looking for a Church! We were so excited but wait-it doesn't stop there! Than a woman and her son said that he had been invited to play baskeball at the Church and being fairly new in the county were wanting to meet new people and join a Church and they wanted to learn more about our Church! Truly amazing to see the Lord gathering his sheep!
So blessed to be here in the time and place that I am!
Love you all!
Love Sister Rawlings

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