Tuesday, August 12, 2014

8/12/2014 #1 Mission Letter
I can't believe I'm here! This past week has seemed like a month because so much has happened! 
I know they say that Disneyland is the happiest place but I beg to differ...the MTC has it beat.
So I guess I better just start from the beginning.... So my companion is Soeur Willis, She's 20 and from Hawaii, we're pretty much best friends already. We both like macaroni and cheese, Reeces and we just love to meet new people and laugh. It is such a blessing that we just click. We started language training the day we entered....it was a little overwhelming since out of everybody in my district I've had the least French, but something that I've already learned is to not compare yourself and just try your best. 
The third day (or technically second and a half day here) we taught our first lesson......IN FRENCH!!! Ha ha ya.... it went or as they say in french, Ca Va.
 Yesterday we just taught our third lesson to our investigator, William, and it was amazing to see the progress that we are making in the language, I definitely feel like my mind has been opened. I've already learned more than I learned in my one semester in high school. We've already started praying in French, speaking as much as we know in French, and testifying. It's sometimes a lot to take in when were in our language class for about 5-8 ish hours but it makes it all worth it when in the lesson, were able to testify, and teach the gospel. It helps that everyone is so nice here and so willing to help. All the French speakers sit together for meals, this includes the missionaries going to France, Canada, D.C. and Tahiti. Everyone in my district is going to Montreal(9 of us), than one elder who is going to D.C. There are also two other districts with people going to Montreal. 
I've been able see a few familiar faces here, Soeur Carpenter who I knew in college rooms with us and Soeur Azemi-Tabriz who I also met from the fb site. Many are called but few are chosen. Than Herrmma Vasquel, Elder Thueson, going to France, and Elder Dicky who I went to high school with.  It's really exciting to see familiar faces now and than.
So me and Soeur Willis joined the Choir!! It was amazing....even though we both can't really sing, we learned of the story behind Nearer My God the Thee. Something that really stood out to me that the choir director said to us was... You're a tool in the Lord's hand. Your a Wrench, Just be the best wrench that  you can be because the Lord is in charge and you will be the tool to help others.
 I love you all, and I know that your Heavenly Father loves you and that you can turn to him for anything. 
 Love Soeur Rawlings

P.S. I appreciate all the packages and letters,I feel so much support and love!

Sister Willis and me at our first MTC meal!
 My district sisters at the Provo Temple.
 My roomates at the Provo Temple.
 My companion!

 Montreal Missionaries at the "famous map"!
Studying hard!

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