Tuesday, August 19, 2014

8/19/2014   #2 Mission Letter
Well hello everyone!
      I can not believe that I have been here for two weeks, the days just seem like weeks but the weeks just feel like days! Me and Soeur Willis taught a lessons yesterday...in English to one of the golden tag investigators and it went amazing! We taught Lance,and it went really well and
really just recharged my battery to testify to him how much Father in heaven truly loves him. 

      The language is coming but I wish I knew more, I think that it will be one of the biggest challenges for me.  On Sundays we have to have talks ready in French on various subjects, and I just pray that they won't call on me because I can't pronounce half of the words-haha! But I read a scripture this week about how God qualifies who he chooses, and that if God needs me to speak French, than that is what will happen. But I have seen an improvement, which is good. The other day we were learning numbers in French, all the way to 100 and we were playing a game where we would go in a circle saying the next number. As a group we were trying to get to 100 but if just one person messed up we would have to start over. As you may know, before I left I could could count to 9- lol! So it was a struggle for me. But as we would go around everyone was so supportive and cheered when we would say the difficult number it was great. As a group we're very supportive.
Four groups of French Missiionaries left this week! So were getting new French missionaries tomorrow, which will be fun!
For devo. we had Jenny Oaks come and play/sing for us-which was great!
  Besides that, it's been a very similar week. We're in class for about 9-10 hours. I love meeting everyone and hanging out with all the missionaires, there are about 28 of us going to Montreal, in three districts!
Hope everything is going well!
Love Soeur Rawlings

Here is my stash of goodies!

We dressed up and did a mash-up for the sisters leaving.
Matchy, matchy!
With our sisters before they left for France.

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