Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hi Everyone! 
It was an extremely busy week! Between an exchange, preparing for a zone training for a Zone Conference and a Missionary Broadcast it was very busy! It was really amazing though because Wednesday night we were trying to put together the last of our training and about 15 minutes before we were to go to sleep we decided that we shouldn't use the power-point or the object lesson that we had prepared. It was a little stressful because the next morning we had to than re-prepare it the next morning. But by the time we got to Zone Conference, we were sure that it was what the Spirit wanted. That is a main thing that I learned this week-there comes a point when you just have get out of the way so the Spirit can do its job, and just be the vessel or the instrument in the Lord's hand.
The Metro
Exchanges with Sister Ferell
St. Joseph's Cathedral in the background
Sisters in the Zone- Sister' Dexter, Tehemetai, Schuerch, Me, shelly, carpenter, Sheehy, Dorado, Ferell
I saw this while on an exchange in Montreal with Sister Ferell. We were on buses and Metros all day and on one bus we started talking about the gospel to this woman named Elizabeth. We then bore our testimony about the gospel and then she said something that was just a confirmation that we truly are just instruments in the hands of the Lord. She said, "Funny I should meet you today because just a few days ago I bought a Book of Mormon at a Salvation Army Thrift store. I've been very curious about your religion." We then both had to get off the bus to connect to the metro but before parting ways she expressed to us her desire to know what is after this life.

​We were able to briefly explain what happens next, bear testimony and give her the Plan of Salvation Pamphlet. It was such a testimony to me that she had been placed in the path and prepared by the Lord to receive his message.

I love you all!
Sister Rawlings

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