Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

       This was a crazy, busy, exhausting but miraculous week!  But wow- talk about miracles! The
First time on the Metro in Montreal!
Lord is really preparing the hearts of people for us to teach. I've decided it all comes down to the equation   Obedience + Faith = Miracles
       At the beginning of the week we were needing new people to teach and thru lots of hard work we were able to find two new people to teach. 
       The amazing thing is that the first one was in...Spanish. Now, I don't know a lot of French but I know even less Spanish, but we prayed and prayed that we would both be  able to understand him and help him feel the Spirit and during the first lesson I felt what they say when they talk about the gift of tongues. Somehow...(well through the Spirit) I was able to understand what he was saying, it was an amazing thing! I couldn't really respond except in French but it was amazing to see how when we do all that we can that the Lord will use us, even if we are not qualified.... for truly God qualifies who he calls. 
The market! Tons of fruits and veggies.
       The other new person we found was a former investigator who they taught a few months ago. We were able to meet with her twice and woah-what spiritual lessons. We taught the doctrine through the Book of Mormon and things just clicked for her. It was amazing to hear how the Lord is truly guiding her in her life and to be a part of it. 
       We've meet lots of people this week and have been really trying to walk to  meet more people.  It's been really fun because in my genealogy I have ancestors from Greece and this past week we have meet many Greek families, so we are able to talk a little bit about that which has been fun.  
Colombian dish!
   Don't worry about me and my compnion starving- we make a pretty good cooking team! The picture shows a columbian dish-!:) Yum!
       We've also had a really fun service opportunity-to work in a kitchen and help prepare older peoples' meals. It has been really fun! Makes me feel like I'm in a little French Kitchen, like in Ratiitiollee(spelling?), the Disney movie. We've helped peal hundreds of carrots, make dough,  cut, packages and other stuff. It has been really fun!
       The French has been  bit stressful. After three hours of Church and another two hours of meetings, I was pretty exhausted but it's coming. I'm slowly understanding just a little bit more each day.  Still not!  Not too shocked. But I know that the Lord knows exactly where we need to be and if I do everything that I can in my power than he will help me be the most effective tool in his hands!
Soeur Rawlings

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