Monday, July 13, 2015


Bonjour, Hola, hello, salam a la comme(arabic),chidobre dubrikle( polish),

That is just a few of the languages that we have come in contact with this week here in Lavel. :)
Transfers were this week. My companion is Sister Mildrum from Albert Canada,  who has been out for 8 months.
She was called in Spanish and is also learning French. She s the best! It has really been such a good week. We're practically twins-we are so similar!
Lavel is a beautiful area. Very much a city- which makes it very interesting to drive in. There is so much culture here, I absolutely love it!
Just the other day we went to some Morrocan woman's home. They were so sweet and really went out of there way, making all this food and drinks. They really showed us hospitality. They also taught us some Arabic, and we even got invited to their daughter's wedding! 
We have meet people from Greece, Poland, Morocco, Haiti, Columbia,... and there are more's really interesting learning about all the different cultures. Love it!
Just yesterday we were running low on kilometers for our car so we decided to walk to and from church and talk to EVERYONE! We talked to this Greek family sitting outside and had a really good conversation (this one was in English). It's amazing-we testified and she told us what she believed and at the end of the conversation she gave us her number and accepted a card from us. 
Something that I love about here is that everyone does bisou (spelling?)  which is where you kiss each other on each cheek. It is done when you first talk to someone or after you meet someone or after you are parting.

Look who I found at transfers! The MTC Gang!
Most of the area is French but there is a good chunk of members who speak Spanish. So the it is a bit difficult for me when I don t know if i don't understand the french or if the reason I don't understand is because it is Spanish. It is kinda crazy though because just today I felt like I was starting to understand the Spainsh... gift of tongues.  I know your all wondering, How's the french... it is good. I can understand for the most part-if I really, really concentrate. I don't understand every word but for the most part I know what's going on but responding is a whole other story. My French is a bit slow but I'm trying and practicing. Sister Milldam is amazing and so patient with me.  But I've already seen an improvement. I look forward to the day when I can understand it without much thought.... patience.That seems to be one of the themes of my mission.  But I love it here! We have  already seen some miracles and I am so excited for the coming week!
 Bissoux, je vous aime!
Sister Dexter-awesome sister from Tahiti!
Soeur Rawlings
We meet again...Demi-so sweet and the first person I met in Canada.

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