Monday, January 19, 2015


  Hey Everyone!
        So exciting news this week! While at Zone Conference-we were talking to President Patrick and he asked us about Cornwall Island, which is a Native American reservation next to us. To make a long story short he gave us our passports, so that we could go to the island! So we're pretty happy about that! We still have to figure somethings out but we're are excited to be able to go there:)
         We had a lot of tender mercies happen this week, lots of little things that just make us remember that God is in the details of our lives. It's the small things, like going to see a potential, them not being home but being able to contact someone while walking there. Seeing members willing to let us have lessons in  their house and hearing them bare their testimony to investigators. It's calling a family to let them know that a new family is coming to church and asking if they could fellowship them and seeing them the next day. It's the small things in our lives that we sometimes overlook that we see God's hand in our lives. 
       At times we didn't see it, like for instance, when we got stuck in Montreal Traffic for like three hours and we had to call to tell the family that we were going to see that we were going to be late.  However, it turns out that because we were late we were able to meet the whole family! Which was a big blessing. We had dinner with them and were able to really get to know them. We invited them to Church and than to the potluck after and they stayed! It was great! I know that God is very aware of each and everyone one of us and he has a plan for each of us. We may not see the masterpiece he is creating with our lives, but trust in him and have an eternal perspective! Love, Sister Rawlings!
P.S.Great link to a Great Ensign Article!
 Valentine's Day scarves!

Zone conference- we ate at a local french cuisine bakery! YUM

New frozen yogurt shop opened! So we tried it out on p-day:)

Elder Lloyd (our district leader), Elder Rangel (in the middle, who is leaving), Sister Lindquist and me.

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