Monday, September 22, 2014

9/14/2014 (snail mail letter)

So, it's Sunday and it's been a great last Sunday! I leave in one day. I can't believe how fast it has gone! I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of freaking out.
A lot happened today! Some really funny stuff. So every Sunday in our sacrament meeting they pick two missionaries to FRENCH! To give a 3-5 minute talk, which would be no problem in English. I've made it 5 weeks! I felt like in the first few weeks I was going to speak but after making it this far, I felt like the odds were, as they say in the Hunger Games, "ever in my favor"!
Today our Bishop came into our district, reminded everyone to have their talk ready just in case it was them. I was like, "why don'y you just tell us" and he was like, " I like suspense & the shock on the faces when we call on them." I then replied something to the effect, "that I was nervous," To which he said, "don't worry, you'll do great."   That was my fist clue.  During lunch we placed our guess, knowing the speakers would come out of the two departing Montreal Districts.

So we go to sacrament meeting and one of the counselors  is holding the door and shaking our hands when he shakes my hand and adds, "if I were you, I would be nervous about speaking."  ....awww, and that was that. I accepted my fate, still holding on to that small sliver of hope that it wasn't me till they got up after the sacrament and said, "today we will be pleased to hear from Soeur Rawlings & Elder Shaw." And that was that...I spoke. It went decent. I had written it , so I gave it in French, and only messed up once when I accidentally said, "", instead of "livre de Mormon" but it went well!

Weird to think that I could/most likely will be giving that talk next week in a ward in Canada!

                                                                MTC Sisters
                                       My first Tim Horton's! Hot chocolate and a doughnut!
                                                                   Pink day at the MTC!

                                                             Montreal or bust!
                                                      Sister Azemi-tabriz's Birthday

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