Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/9/2014  #5 Mission Letter
Bonjour ma famille et mes amies!

This week I stumbled upon a scripture found in Romans 8:31, " If God be for us, who can be against us?" and it's a scripture that has lingered in my mind all week.  
So, in case you didn't know (probably 99.9% of you) I got my flight plans this week! Which I am beyond excited for-all 29 of us leave next Tuesday at 3:30 in the morning, bound for Montreal, Canada. While I'm  beyond excited, I can't help but be nervous! For the language, for speaking and teaching real people, among other things,but the scripture found in Romans 8 really has left an impression on me. We have to remember that this is God's work and that no matter what happens God's with us, and if God's with us why should we fear because through him we can do anything and overcome everything.
So, no week would be complete without a few funny stories...so one day my district and I were in our classroom and one of the elders was talking about Moses, and so than we started talking about how he had to hold his arms up for the sea to be parted... and well it turned into a contest of who could hold their arms up the longest...lol. And while we participated in this experiment we read Moses, and man-after about 10 minutes, the struggle was real, lol. But it was a great glimpse into the story.

This week has been great, and I have absolutely LOVED the MTC. I've made some life long friends and had some very memorable experiences. But I am beyond excited to get to Montreal and teach the sweet people there. It has been amazing to see how my French has progressed and I can't wait to see what's next!
Watch Out Canada HERE I come!
Love Soeur Rawlings
Twins (Sister Gammon and I)
Other District Elders

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