Monday, February 23, 2015

2/23/2015     It takes a village....

Bonjour ma famille et amis,
             Another busy week!  We had some really great lessons with some less actives and investigators where the spirit was strong and it was amazing to see them recognize and feel the spirit.We helped Charlie start his Family History. It was a really great experience because we were able to find the record of a local church that his parents were married in. It's truly amazing to see how when one person joins the gospel how it can bless the lives of others!
              Than this weekend, Charlie called us and told us that he had someone for us to teach! That's a great member missionary right there! His neighbor's daughter is looking for religion so were excited to see where that goes. This week I have been thinking a lot about the phrase, "It takes a village", you've probably heard the phrase from the book it take a village to rise a child, but it is true for the gospel. It takes everyone in the ward, it takes loving friends, leaders and missionaries to help these infants in the gospel. This week I have learned a lot and am excited for what's to come.
*Funny Moment: We were talking to a 14 year old, recent convert about doing missionary work and he says, " I already tried. I tried to ask my friend in a polite way if she wanted to join my church and she said no." And his grandma laughed and was like," well that was subtle." 

Here are some pictures  from Cornwall :-)

Another beautiful sunset in Cornwall, overlooking the USA Bridge!

Soeur Rawlings

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