Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Family Day! (Canada's holiday)

 Hello Family and Friends,
      Another amazing week in Canada! Charlie was baptized this week:) It was definitely a week filled with lots of joy. It was a really busy week getting everything planned and set up, but it was so worth it.
       During the program, the Spirit was strong. Charlie called us the day of his baptism telling us that he had everything ready to go, he was ready. It was amazing to see all of his friends and ward members show up to support him. A moment that was very precious to me, and that I will cherish forever is when Charlie got up to bear his testimony. It was a beautiful testimony that had both Sister Lindquist and I in tears, as well as Charlie. 
Many of Charlie's friends came to support him.

Me, Charlie, Sister Lindquist and Brother Mazarolle

He is ready!

Charlie, Sister Gaudet, me and Sister Lindquist
      I thought it so fitting that he was baptized on Valentine's Day. The feelings on Saturday and Sunday can be summed up in one word, Love. There was a strong feeling of the Love that our Heavenly Father has for Charlie, as well as for the rest of us throughout the baptism, and also the following day when he was confirmed.     
      With Valentines day it had me thinking of how vast is God's love, all encompassing that it covers each and everyone one of us, even if we don't feel like we are worthy of it. When we get these false ideas-that because we did this or didn't do that, that we are not capable of becoming someone better, that we can't go to church because of this or that, that we can't repent....but that is all false lies by Satan. God's love is there for each and everyone of us, we just have to be brave and accept it.  We have to be willing to become what the Lord wants us to be by doing what he wants us to do. I know that everyone can change and that God's love is there for each and everyone of us. It doesn't matter how old you are or what is going on in your life.
Using the skills my grandma and mom taught me.
        Summed up-it was an amazing week, even though baptism is a simple and short act, it has such a lasting effect throughout the eternities. It has been such an honor to be an instrument in the Lord's hand and to bring one his children into the knowledge of the gospel. Charlie is a new person.  He is filled with so much light. It's amazing to see the happiness that he is experiencing.
Love you all! 
Sister Rawlings

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