Monday, November 24, 2014


        These past two days were stake conference and I feel like I have just been spiritually gorged:). Overall the messages was hasting the work of salvation, aka missionary work! I have definitely seen the work hasting here in Cornwall. It was a busy week, with three days in and out of Montreal for meetings and stake conference. This week we had many great changes that have been happening in the people here. We taught our investigator the law of Chasity. In his house he had this calendar, but after teaching the lesson and extending the invitation to live the law of Chasity he accepted. At the end of the lesson we gave him a new calendar that has beautiful scenery. When we gave it to him, we were like why "don't you open it".  When he opened it we were like, "Lets put it up". He agreed, and when  he was looking for something to put it up with we just put it over the other calendar and asked if that was a good place to put it, and he laughed and we than threw the other calendar away, which is now replaced by a beautiful scenery calendar:)
        Another miracle happened yesterday with a less active family. You know the saying, 'people only learn what they want to learn, when they want to learn it' ?  We decided to implement this in many of our lessons and we  asked this family what attribute of Christ (Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel) they would like to study, and than next week discuss  what they learned. So yesterday we discussed Hope. It was a great lesson! It was more of a discussion, than us just talking-which was great!  They are amazing, and such loving people, with such a love for the gospel! And they even committed to invite 8 of their friends to watch the new Christmas video, "He is the Gift", and to use the new pass along cards (a great video you should all watch, it airs in about a day).
          I've really found that the best way to teach people is to love them. Love is the key. When people see that you care and truly want what is best for them, they can feel God's love for them and are more open.
        It was a great week and I feel so spiritually feed by stake conference and by the members who were so sweet and gave us a Thanksgiving meal early!
             Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and truly remember what the holiday is truly about:)
Love you lots
Sister Rawlings

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